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What is this craze about Mewing? You can find out on YouTube by searching for Dr. Mike Mew and his father, Dr. John Mew.

Actually, it’s all about how our upper and lower jaws develop from infancy until ages 10-12. The position of where our tongue rests, how we swallow, and even how we breathe (nasal or mouth) affects our upper and lower jaw development.

Why all this is important is because research out of Stanford University and other research indicates that how our upper and lower jaws develop can affect our airway, from the tip of our nose to our lungs. Insufficient development is also connected to many other health issues such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, increase risk of stroke, dementia and even ADHD, to name a few.

The article from The Guardian mentions how some people are Mewing to improve their facial features. Proper jaw growth also affects our facial features.  Our tongue is a very strong muscle and when resting in the proper position will correctly help our upper and lower jaws develop properly. Studies have shown that the faces most people identify as being the most attractive also are those where upper and lower jaws are in a more forward position.

An oral facial myologist (Myofunctional Therapist) can help with these muscle issues that affect jaw growth and other essential functions. These are traditionally highly trained speech therapists, dental hygienists or dentists who have additional training to obtain this certification. Currently, there has been a great deal of marketing for short “weekend style” courses where anyone can become a myofunctional technicianThere Is A Difference!! Ask your clinician about their credentialing and years of experience. 

So back to Mewing and Orthotropics (we will discuss Orthotropics in another blog) – keep in mind that your tongue is a very strong muscle, as well as the muscles around your mouth, and both can generate between 300-500 grams of force. Anyone know how much force it takes to move teeth (like in orthodontics)? It takes less than 2 grams to move teeth so be careful how you apply these forces!!  In my practice we incorporate many of these principles along with myofunctional treatments such as Myobrace. I am also working on Orthrotropics certification with Dr. Willian Hang.

My definition of beauty is when proper cranio-facial (upper and lower jaw) development leads to better airway development resulting in a lifetime of better health. In addition, the outcome is that proper jaw development can also lead to balanced facial features, which many view as more aesthetically pleasing.

Here’s the link from theguardian.com on Mewing:


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