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Dr. Young collaborates with physicians like you to help our mutual patients improve sleep disordered breathing challenges. Let’s work together!

Do you have patients who:

  • Cannot tolerate a CPAP device?
  • Suffer from sleep disordered breathing?
  • Exhibit improper cranial facial development?
  • Grind their teeth or clench their jaw?
  • Have normal sleep study scores yet exhibit daytime fatigue?
  • Have ADHD?

These are just some of the airway-related issues that can be uniquely addressed in the office of airway-focused dental care provider, Terence Q.L. Young, D.D.S. It is no longer just about filling cavities, providing esthetic restorations and treating gum disease. One of the main causes of sleep disordered breathing is insufficient cranial facial development. Cranial facial development treatments are well within the scope of the contemporary dental practice.

In Dr. Young’s dental practice, we are particularly trained to address airway issues associated with cranial facial development and offer alternative treatment options for CPAP users and those suffering from UARS. We are pleased to offer orthodontics using myofunctional devices to straighten teeth and correct the underlying causes of malocclusion by correcting poor oral habits such as mouth breathing, tongue thrusts and incorrect swallowing patterns.

Most people do not want to admit they snore. Many believe that snoring is more of a nuisance than a serious medical condition and are unaware of potentially life threatening co-morbidities. An American Heart Association study out of Baylor University concluded that OSA is the cause of cardiovascular disease, is an independent risk factor for stroke, and contributes to brain atrophy and dementia in the elderly. A common misconception patients have is that because they sleep through the night without awakening that they do not have airway issues. It is important for them to understand that it is not the number of hours slept but, more importantly, the amount of oxygen transported, delivered and released into their bodies, tissues and brain.

Many patients also have lost a reference as to what a good night’s sleep feels like. As adults we drag ourselves out of bed, grab a cup of caffeine and head out the door. Those with OSA and UARS are commonly surprised at the significant difference in the quality of their sleep and how refreshed they feel after improvement of their oxygen saturation during their sleep.

If you have questions about referring a patient to us, please call our office at 945.9977 and speak with Dr. Young.

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