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CPAP and APAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure and Automatic Positive Airway Pressure), currently considered by some as the gold standard used to treat Sleep Apnea, cannot be tolerated by many patients.

Some common reasons are:

  • Improper fit and set up
  • Insufficient training on use of the machine

Our office is an Authorized Dealer for Philips Respironics APAP/CPAP machines and associated supplies. Dr. Young received his Bachelor of Science degree in Respiratory Therapy from Creighton University and is able to assist patients with these devices.

If a patient does not want to use a CPAP/APAP breathing machine, then we are well versed in fabricating Mandibular Advancing Devices. We can help fabricate and stabilize patients needing these in as little as 30 minutes for a semi-custom model. We can assist others who require full custom versions also. We have a very efficient and successful protocol to ensure positive results.

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