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CPAP/APAP issues getting you down? We hear you! A lot of people just like you wind up with masks that don’t fit right or with machines they haven’t been properly trained to use. But don’t give up! We can fix any issue you’re having and get you back to sleep again!

It’s Time to Take Back Your Sleep!

Many experts consider CPAP/APAP* the gold standard in treating Sleep Apnea, yet many patients can’t tolerate it. The machines come with lots of supplies, many of which need to be cleaned. Then comes the mask, the one that doesn’t fit comfortably. Is that your biggest issue, too? Who wants to keep waking up at night, all because of a machine that’s supposed to help you sleep and feel less tired?

It’s time to put an end to the restless sleep cycle. Our experts will help.

Here’s What We Offer That Others Can’t:

  • Dr. Young received his Bachelor of Science degree in Respiratory Therapy from Creighton University and he has special expertise to guide, fit and train patients with these devices.
  • We’re an authorized dealer for Philips Respironics and ResMed CPAP/APAP machines and associated supplies, the best products on the market today.
  • We keep only the best, most comfortable masks in stock.
  • We’ll work with your doctor to obtain all prescription authorizations.
  • Our customized fittings will ensure both proper fit and comfort.
  • We’ll train you to use your new equipment, so you won’t feel confused when you’re back at home.

What If You’re Just Plain Sick of CPAP?

Don’t worry! We have an option for you. Our advanced dental device (oral mandibular advancing device) can also ensure you positive results – it is a great alternative when you are unable to tolerate CPAP. It simply clips onto your teeth at night and perfectly positions your mouth so that your airway remains open, which increases the air to your lungs while you sleep and stops the snoring. We can fabricate a semi-custom model in as little as 30 minutes. But we offer full custom versions, too. Just give us a call. We’ll assess your needs and customize a device to give you the best air flow at night. It’s as easy as that.

Ready For Some Better Sleep? Don’t Wait!

*CPAP/APAP stand for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure and Automatic Positive Airway Pressure

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